Home Dojo

Holloway Sensei and D. Wood teach in class about striking principles.

We offer an alternative to typical martial-arts school training.

We practice for what works.  

   At the Home Dojo, our training is constantly evolving  with new concepts of combative techniques, while maintaining the traditions of classical Budo.(Martial Ways) ... (More on "About Page") 

   The Home Dojo has classes for Adults and Youth alike. Please look through our site for more information. If you want to dig deeper feel free to get in touch or come to visit and we will further explain our programs or philosophies.

We Look forward to meeting you. Feel free to get in touch for more information or to arrange to visit and watch a few classes, or even to try out a little of what we do. We have a great family here. Hope you get to meet them.

Be proud to be in the United States. Support freedom of speech and liberty for individuals to live their lives how they want to, without fear and without interference. Believe in integrity; Own your words and your actions. Treat others better than you treat yourself and give more to the world than you take.


6812  196th Street SW
Lynnwood, WA 98036
email:    TheHomeDojo@gmail.com
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