About Shinka Ryu Aiki-Budo and the Home Dojo training

What is Shinka Ryu-Aiki Budo?

Aikido, Jujutsu, Nihon Goshin Aikido, Karate, Kali, Judo, Systema, Wing Tsun, Boxing...

Martial arts, like any physical or athletic practice must adapt and adjust to a changing world and to advancing technical skills. Shinka Ryu Aiki-Budo 

translates as "School of Evolving Martial Ways". We refine our concepts of combative techniques, while maintaining the traditions of classical Aikido (Way of Harmony with Energy) and other Budo. (Martial Ways) 

W. Holloway - Sensei, the founder of the original Aikido Heiwa - Martial Arts for Peace dojo, in Lynnwood, has been involved in the practice, then teaching of martial arts for over 30 years. Mr. Holloway believes he is still a student and still practices with other peers weekly as well as with his own students, in class.

"Nobody should ever stop learning from others, if he or she wishes to be great. There is no such thing as a master."

The Entire Curriculum of the Home Dojo is accessible for different aged students. For the Juniors (5-7), Youth (8-15) and Adult students; Everyone can work together and learn the same material. Testing is broken down by age group. Juniors do Four "quarter" tests to Equal an adult rank. Youth will do Two "half" tests to equal an adult rank. And adults testing can

include weapons material if so desired.

Kids today need confidence. Our self-defense work should help most kids to be more bully proof, and can help develop strong bodies and minds. Working to move through the syllabus and reach goals improves confidence and more discipline and manners get encouraged, which helps to get through life.

In Shinka Ryu Aiki-Budo we have removed techniques and training methods that would only work in a dojo. 

We continually refine the classic techniques that hold good principles, then focus on realistic self-defense work, combining striking, kicks, throws, take-downs, defensive tactics and weapons handling. 

"The dojo is a laboratory," where we explore the science of physical interaction between an assailant and a self-defense practitioner, as well as the psychology of potentially violent encounters, and the options to handle such situations.

  Please come and visit to observe or even try out a bit of our work. Guests are welcome anytime. Call ahead to let us know you are coming to visit. See you soon! If you are (or were) a student in a martial art, we do welcome "drop-in" guests if we know you are coming ahead of time. It will be great to meet you.

Our school was originally founded on the idea of "Martial Arts for Peace". We are creating a natural technical progression from Aikido (The Way of Harmony with Spirit) with complimentary arts and effective striking work, to try to train for 'real-world' aggression.

Aikido is graceful. Shinka Ryu Aiki-Budo is graceful and effective.

The idea of creating a "new" martial art is not unique. Sadly, the world is filled with "Founders" of "Systems", who are often just selling the same, ineffective techniques.

  At the Home Dojo, the student body is trying to recognize "pretty" techniques (of the root arts) as the choreography they can be, and creating updated or new techniques for "real world" application, but maintaining dojo traditions.

  Our work has been influenced by so many great teachers and students alike, that it is not just "ours". It is a lifelong gift, From Many, For many....

And for many more to come.

An evolving, modern self-defense art crafted from Aikido, Jujutsu & Karate-do, with other influences.

Of course we are still practicing classical weapons as well, for the pure joy of it and for how it sharpens ones agility, focus and response time, while overcoming fear.  The beauty of the Japanese sword is only matched by its lethality. 

Pure Aikido is still taught at the Home Dojo and accreditation with the Hombu World Headquarters in Japan is available at our school. Our practice interacts well with other schools, as Shinka Ryu Aiki-Budo is a hybrid from Aikido.   

Every man and woman in martial arts is influenced by teachers. Traditions get handed down from generation to generation. Each new Sensei explores his or her art and makes it their own. Sometimes after many years the teacher branches off, out of respect to their own Senseis, to create a new path of their own. The lineage is still there, but the personality of the teacher becomes the DNA of the "new" art. Its not really new, it is just evolving. 

The great teachers that have influenced our practice are many and some have been very significant. Some are very private about their teachings as well and thus are not pictured or named for this public page. Some trainings are just for teacher and student and remain private. 

Guests are always welcome at The Home Dojo. Call ahead to arrange a visit or to even try out a class or two. 425-774-0915                          TheHomeDojo@gmail.com