Our  School

The Dojo

   Our comfortable and serene martial arts facility is located right in the urban megalopolis north of Seattle. Step into our school in Lynnwood and at once you will feel the love we put into our facility. We want our minds to be ready to grow, so we built a beautiful school that helps us to focus on our work. We have clean mats, a beautiful "Tea Room", separate dressing rooms and lots of space for safe, challenging training.

(Our dojo is also available to our peers in the Budo community if needed for events, or seminars. Contact us for info.)

We are a family

At the Home Dojo, we want to have fun, help each other to grow, and produce expert martial artists.

The founding name of our school was "Martial arts for Peace". Sounds like a contradiction, right? But imagine if your job, as a student, is to spend as much time as you can trying to improve your partner's techniques and experiences on the mat, and everyone else's job is to do the same; A group of people whose main focus is upon making others more successful. Then add activities, outings and social gatherings that foster community, in addition to our rigorous training. Imagine everyone in the world spending all of their time living to make others' experiences better, and to spend quality time together, building community... Sounds like a recipe for peace, doesn't it?

We help each other to succeed. The Home Dojo has started many friendships. The kids are especially good at that!

"I am so grateful to the people in my life who have helped me to grow this wonderful dojo community." W.Holloway

Our Dojo is about 20 minutes or so from Everett, Bothell or Seattle, (Traffic Dependent). Feel free to arrange a visit or to try a class. 425 - 774 - 0915  TheHomeDojo@gmail.com

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